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We, the Interim University Council, warmly welcome our UMM students who have been showing unswerving loyalty and great devotion to our historic 2021 Myanmar Spring Revolution. As the solely legitimate and the highest authoritative body of the University of Medicine, Mandalay, we pledge ourselves to operate UMM with full autonomy and absolute integrity while strongly resisting any kind of unlawful orders from illegal military junta.

Now, we're introducing and implementing Interim Education Program as a preliminary step towards Federal Education. Keeping in mind that studying medical theories without proper clinical training will never bring forth a competent medical professional, we're working together with our respected CDMer teachers and our technical support team to provide an online learning platform for our students in our best possible way during this time of hardship. 

We also take considerations into account to ensure fairness to our students who lack adequate internet access and who give total devotion to our Revolution. We give our greatest respect and salute to each and every hero who makes the supreme sacrifice for our motherland.  

It'll be very pleasing to us if our program provides our students with proper knowledge required for a competent doctor and instills with skills and spirit required for our Revolution. We hope our Interim Education Program will stand as a gesture of solidarity among our UMM community and as a symbol of civil disobedience against bloodthirsty military dictatorship. 

Our Revolution shall prevail. 
Justice shall prevail.
Federal Democracy shall prevail.

Yours sincerely,
Interim University Council
University of Medicine, Mandalay